Spider Man

Marvel Comics’ friendly neighborhood wall-crawler makes his 3D debut with Spider-Man for the PlayStation. Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker (a.ka. Spider-Man) has super-human strength, the reflexes and agility of a spider, the ability to stick to walls and most other surfaces and Spider-Sense, which is an internal sensor that warns him of pending danger. He used his scientific skills to formulate a webbing substance, which he shoots from a device affixed to his wrists.

In this game, patterned closely after the comics, Peter Parker was attending a science exposition given by the now benevolent Dr. Otto Octavius (formerly known as Dr. Octopus) when all hell broke loose. Someone dressed in a Spider-Man costume stormed the building, took out the guards and stole the doctor’s new technology. Now, the police and everyone in New York City assume the superhero is a thieving swine.

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